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If you are thinking about setting up and running a Database (Registry) for ACC, STS or State:

Furnishing Cardiology software solutions since 1986 to both Hospitals and hemodynamic equipment companies, Medical Dynamics provides long lasting data management at very reasonable prices. With Medical Dynamics you are not restricted to a single hardware vendor for your data management. Using our extensive interfaces, many Hospitals have information populating ACC, STS and State registries from Mennen, Witt, Quinton, Camtronics, Midas, GE and other systems simultaneously.
Fully certified by the ACC, STS along with various state registries, Medical Dynamics lets you grow your Cardiology environment from a single workstation to a complex system without limitation. Starting with our first system (CathTrax-1986 created for one of the largest Cath Lab complexes in the world in Houston) to todays Cardio Fusion, Medical Dynamics products have stood the test of time. As the computer industry evolves, Medical Dynamics will continue to remain at the forefront of technology. And we dont restrict you. With proper permissions your data is readily available in Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Access formats for expansion, growth and modifications. Using industry standard software virtually eliminates compatibility problems now and in the future. Extensive reporting and internal benchmarking comes with even single workstation systems. Cardio Fusion: easy to use, intuitive and complete. WWW.MEDDYN.COM

STS National Database
Announcements / Blog Posts
ACC certified 4.0
Medical Dynamics is pleased to announce ACC CathPCI version 4.0 has been certified <more...>
New Studies on NCDR published
Using data from the CARE Registry, researchers compared clinical profiles of patients referred for carotid artery stenting (CAS) versus those referred for carotid endarterectomy (CEA).<more...>
  New Predictive Modeling Tool Helps Identify High-Risk PCI Patients at Point of Care 
Clinicians nationwide now have access to a new predictive modeling tool that takes pertinent patient demographic and clinical information, and models patient risk of readmission in real time and at the point of care.<more...>